Generative art is defined as being artwork that has been created with the use of an autonomous system , like an algorithm, computer code or a custom piece of unique hardware. The artwork itself is as much the final result as the programme used to create it.


There are many different forms of generative art, though one of the most popular is called ‘pen plotter’ art. Plotter artwork is generally very geometric, making heavy use of shapes, patterns and lines. Popular pen plotters include the Axidraw or the Line-Us and can print on paper or other surfaces.


Getting started

New to Generative Art? Here’s a selection of tips & tutorials to get yourself started. We're curating step-by-steps tutorials from some of the most active generative artists who share their workflow in Processing, Python, Cinema4D...

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Browse from a selection of plotted artwork. Unlike prints, plotted prints are not multi-edition mass produced. The plots are all unique due to the physical interactions of the ink, the brush, and the paper.

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