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I’m Pierre Paslier, London-based startuper by day and generative artist by night. I’ve been obsessed with drawing robots for the past couple of years and being based in London, I have discovered how vibrant the generative community is.

Generative Hut has become part of my journey into pen plotting, creative coding and buying way too many pens.

All my drawings are the result of hours of generation through software such as Cinema4D, Grasshopper and Illustrator, followed by hours of plotting on the Axidraw V3/A3 and Line-Us, adjusting heights of pens, types of papers and never knowing how a drawing will end up looking…

Generative Hut is a collaborative platform dedicated to bringing together generative artists from around the world by showcasing their artworks, sharing their creative journeys and teaching coding techniques on social media.
Created in 2019, Generative Hut has become one of the largest generative art platforms with a global community of over 70k and a monthly reach of over 300,000 Instagram users.

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