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Generative art tutorial without coding with a free online tool

Hi, I am part of the Acrylicode team and I want to share with you the tool I created for everyone to start creating generative art.

Once you go there you should see this.

Now you should be able to draw with your mouse by moving it while pressing inside the drawing area. Start with a simple shape (with very complex shapes the experience may be a little slow). Something like this:

After you draw the shape you see that the “Harmonize” button is enabled and then you can click it to get into the harmonization part.

Once you click the “Harmonize” button you should see a couple of sliders on the Left. The most important slider is the “Number of Shapes”, you should increment this first. After incrementing it, you should see something like this :

After that, experiment with the other sliders to create different variations. If you want to delete everything and start over click on the “Draw” button. This will take you to the first step and then you can start again with your own custom shape. You can experiment with multiple small shapes to get different results. And once you are happy with the result, click on “Save SVG” to save the file. SVGs files are suitable for pen plotting. If you create something and want to publish it on Instagram, please tag us and share the link to the tool so others can also experiment themselves. I hope you enjoyed this short tutorial and hope you have a lot of fun with the tool.

Here is an example result after plotting the SVG with our custom pen plotter and a white Sakura Gelly Roll Pen.

If you would like a tutorial on how I coded this tool, let me know. And if you are a developer and want to collaborate let me also know.

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London Essence
London Essence
Jan 15

Is this no longer available?


james gage
james gage
Apr 09, 2023

404 page not found?

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