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Interview with Galerie Data

Exhibition BIOMORPH by Galerie Data is running from 21 December 2021 to 2 January 2022 every day from 1 pm to 7 pm. 19, rue Charlemagne 75004 PARIS.

GH: Please tell us a bit about yourself and Galerie Data! What’s new this year?

Gabrielle: GALERIE DATA's vocation is to show an art with a transdisciplinary field of application of research around the form, between digital and physical, between art and science.

GENERATIVE, our first exhibition realised last year introduced the programmed generative art, and in particular the research of a materiality by the plotter printing.

For this second edition, we wanted to define a little more certain tendencies, and in particular the generation of biomorphic or organic forms.

"By using software and programming languages, or by creating their own tools, they experiment with forms that tend to resemble to the living world."

GH: The exhibition BIOMORPH opens in Paris on December 21st. Tell us about the show!

Gabrielle: The BIOMORPH exhibition presents artists whose works is between conceptual approach and sensitive perception. By using software and programming languages, or by creating their own tools, they experiment with forms that tend to resemble to the living world.

Their devices obey algorithmic and generative rules, giving birth to a modular and protean matrix, which evolves according to the iterations of the code.

These creations resonate in us as natural archetypes, as responding to universal principles at the origin of forms.

This digital material is frozen into an image, then transferred into a physical work: printed on alu-dibond, with an Axidraw robot arm, or with a cutting plotter reprogrammed for printing.

These works will be presented at the BIOMORPH exhibition, from December 21, 2021 to January 2, 2022, 19 rue Charlemagne in Paris. Opening on Wednesday, December 22, from 6 to 9 pm.

GH: Why did you choose to focus the show on this theme?

Gabrielle: The approach of the artists of the exhibition could be similar to the Biomorphism theorized in the 30's; artistic practice tending to move away from a realistic representation of the living, and from the pure abstraction, to give birth to organic forms which evoke the nature.

However if their conceptual approach tends to the creation of a form which one could qualify of 'biomorphic'; that it is geometrical or organic, it obeys today rules of auto-generation.

Indeed the use of generative, iterative or repetitive principles, allow the creation of proteiform systems having their own autonomy.

In this processual invention, the artist's intention is defined by the device and the programming; the work is as much the final realization as the process that gives it birth.

Each artist apprehends his tools according to his conceptual approach, situating itself between poetic imagination and scientific conceptualization.

The set of rules determined by the use of generative and random programming principles, result in an identifiable formal plasticity, which could be likened to the artist's 'style'.

GH: What’s new on market

Gabrielle: Since last year the market has evolved with the advent of NFT's, which allow artists to sell directly, increase their awareness, and a rating related to a certain type of collectors in an Online market.

However, I don't think that it stops artists from wanting to participate in exhibitions to show their work, materialize it, and offer a physical interaction with the public.

As far as the gallery line is concerned, this confirms our vocation to make In Real Life exhibitions, but we are thinking about integrating NFT in the sales.

GH: What about A.R.E? Gabrielle: The collaboration between Generative Hut and Vetro Editions for A.R.E - Augmented Reality Exhibition’ is very inspiring because is enables a protean experience; jumping from physical print to a digital and augmented artwork.

This reference book for generative art presents 31 international artists including several who take part in this year's BIOMORPH exhibition. I'm happy to be able to provide the experience.

The book will be available at the gallery at a discounted price (-10%).


Exhibition BIOMORPH by Galerie Data

From 21 December 2021 to 2 January 2022 19, rue Charlemagne - 75004 PARIS

open everyday from 1pm to 7pm

Opening on Wednesday, December 22nd from 6 to 9 pm.

Video performance by Jean-Baptiste Sachsé.

Featured Artists:

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Mark Millin
Mark Millin
24 may

Great interview with Galerie Data! Their approach to generative art and the integration of data-driven techniques is truly inspiring. It's fascinating to see how they blend technology and creativity. For anyone balancing artistic pursuits with academic work, services like help with nursing essays manage writing tasks, allowing more time to focus on innovative projects like those discussed here.

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